Validator Overview

Validator Safes is a range of smart cash deposit safes, first introduced into the fast food retail market in 2010 and it’s now the best selling smart safe in the UK. All Validators have an OCR (overnight cash rating) of £35,000 and have successively been tested and approved by VdS to EN 1143-1 class III.

How does it work?

Each user is set up with their own PIN, required to deposit cash or bag drop. Each deposit can be logged against a till name or till number.

Cash deposit process – Log in with PIN, select which till the cash came from, feed notes into the note acceptors. At this point any forgeries will be detected and rejected by the unit. Once finished a receipt is issued with all the deposit information.

Bag deposit Process –  Log in with a PIN, select which till the cash came from, input bag values on the touch screen and drop the bag in the insert. The bar code on the bag is automatically scanned and a receipt is printed showing all the deposit information.

Staff deposit money throughout the day and at the close of day a manager can log on to the safe with fob and PIN and print a day end receipt which shows all totals for all individual tills and also a grand total.

Manager functions

Users can be set up with management capabilities, to access the reporting menu a manager has to scan a fob and input their PIN. On this menu a manager can view total cash amount in the safe, view activity log, print detailed reports, add/remove users, open float safe (if fitted) and carry out a range of standard admin functions.

All this information is also accessible on our online reporting portal, where each individual safe in a customers estate is listed.